Win a Samsung SUHD TV this Father’s Day!

A Samsung SUHD TV.

I’m excited and envious in equal measure about this competition that I’m co-hosting with Currys. One lucky blogger is going to win a Samsung SUHD TV worth around £1,800. Very nice too! This beast of a box boasts a curved 48-inch screen with an ultra HD picture which is four times the resolution of HD. It also offers catch up TV and an app store, making it perfect for enjoying sport, movies and, of course, your favourite TV series. Which takes us nicely to the focus of the competition…

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Currys wants entrants to blog about their top five TV dads. These could be any dads from shows past or present. Live action or animated. For adults or kids. The winner will be selected based on the creativity of their entry by an independent panel of judges, so get thinking first – maybe by watching some of your favourite shows for inspiration!

I’ve always thought that dads aren’t portrayed as favourably as they could be on television, which is why I think this competition is a great idea. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic father figures of the small screen. Win this competition,  though, and you won’t be watching them on a small screen again!

Without naming any names, lest I unfairly influence any entries, there have been some brilliant characters who also happen to be dads on shows I’ve enjoyed over the years. So whether your top five are proud paters, funny fathers or daring dads, get blogging and you could soon be giving your old man your old telly – let’s be honest, you know you’d rather keep it for yourself!

Once you’ve written your post, tweet a link to it to @CurrysPCWorld on Twitter using the hashtag #topTVdads.

So, just to recap, to enter you need to:

  • Write a post on your blog about your five favourite TV dads
  • Tweet your post to @CurrysPCWorld, including the hashtag #topTVdads to confirm your entry.
  • The competition closes at midnight on 21 June 2015. Currys will announce the winner on 22 June 2015.

Disclosure: this post was produced in collaboration with Currys.


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