Review: Minion ReadyBed

A Minion ReadyBed

Despite being three years old now, Xander still doesn’t sleep through the night. Even worse, he has got into the bad habit of getting in our bed. With child number three due soon, something had to be done to encourage him to stay in his own room. I was happy to hear from Worlds Apart with an offer to review something from their children’s bedding range. As soon as I saw they had products with Minions on, the decision was made!

The Despicable Me Minion Junior ReadyBed is pretty much what it sounds like. A cross between an airbed and a sleeping bag. It just needs inflating – a pump is included in the box – and it’s ready. The cover is machine washable and the bed has a built-in travel bag. This makes it great for sleepovers or, for people much braver than yours truly, taking the kids camping.

Xander was very excited when a parcel arrived for him and doubly so when he spotted two smiling yellow faces on the packaging. That was the first challenge met. He was keen to help with inflating it too and did a pretty good job, before deciding to start running around and talking like one of Gru’s little assistants. Still, that was useful as it made him tired!

A toddler in a Minion ReadyBed.

As you can see from the photo above, he’s really rather smug about his new bed. Better still, he doesn’t need much convincing to get into it. The material is of a good quality and he seems very comfortable in it. The other big plus given the time of year is that the cover is just the right thickness so I know he won’t be getting too warm at night. Then there’s the fact that the happy little hooligans on the design aren’t wasted on him!

He’s had a few nights in it so far and there has been a slight improvement as he has started to go longer without waking everyone else up. It remains to be seen whether it’ll help us win the battle of bedtime, but he loves it and it will come in useful this summer and beyond, so I’m happy with that.

The Minion ReadyBed has an RRP of £24.99.

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