Next Fathers Day

A father and son in matching clothes.

Practically everything I wear comes from Next, so when they got in touch recently to see if Dylan and I would like to take part in their ‘Mini Me’ project for Father’s Day, it was an easy decision to say yes please. Soon afterwards, this huge bag arrived…

A holdall bag.

Dylan is very much a miniature version of yours truly. People often comment on how similar we are – not just in appearance! He definitely has my obsessive tendencies and loud voice – sorry, son – but what about the dress sense? As he’s well into dinosaurs at the moment, we chose him a T-shirt, hoody and shoes with said enormous lizards on them. We also got him some navy blue trousers and a straw hat. He was very happy with it all!

A close-up of a Father and son in matching clothes, showing the T-shirts and zipped tops.

Adults generally aren’t quite the same Jurassic aficionados that kids are, so we chose a T-shirt and top that were both as close as possible in colour and design and available. The trousers, shoes and hat were all similar.

A father and son in matching clothes tipping their hats at each other.

The name of this project was ‘Mini Me’, but it seems that we’ve done things the other way round with me taking the lead from Dylan. In addition to the fact that I’ve basically just copied his style for this, I’ve never really been one for wearing hats whereas he loves them.

A close-up of little feet and big feet in similar shoes.

I’ve got to say I’m happy with what we chose. It wasn’t necessarily what I would have gone for if it were just me shopping for myself, but it’s good to try new things, and I really like my new clothes – I’m a hat convert now too! I’m really pleased we took part in this one, and not just because we both got new outfits! As Xander has been quite challenging of late, I hadn’t had as much one-on-one time with Dylan as I would have liked, so this definitely redressed the balance.

Thanks, Next!


  1. Dan

    Really nice post. I took part in this campaign with my son Duke as well.

    Be good to have a chat as we seem to quite a bit in common:)



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