The lost toys

Some random pieces of toys

It’s been well over a week since I wrote about something that’s irritating me a little bit, so here’s the latest thing I’m slightly miffed about… Dylan and Xander have lost toys – or, more specifically, parts of them.

Now I have some fairly obsessive tendencies. You wouldn’t think it if you saw the state of our house, but I like things to be in the right places and am a strong believer that bigger things which consist of many little things should be complete. These fixations of mine are being challenged on a daily basis and it’s really winding me up – my sons have literally lost my marbles and plenty more besides.

Both Dylan and Xander enjoy collecting up lots of random little pieces of toys, games and puzzles in any kind of receptacle they can get their hands on and taking them to far-flung corners of the house, where they leave them and forget exactly where. The net result is that once-proud groups are broken up forever. It’s a little like having Yoko Ono in the house.

The ones that bother me most are the bees. We have a game in which you remove sticks from a hive and try not to let its hard-working residents fall. There were 30 of them but, on the last count, there were just seven. I know these industrious little insects are in global decline, but this is ridiculous.

A few toy bees

Similarly, we have a game in which you have to attach plastic primates to a tree without the whole thing collapsing. Originally there were 32 of them, but now there are just 12 monkeys. We’ve gone from a child’s game to a Terry Gilliam film…

12 toy monkeys on a toy tree

Avengers assemble? You’d be lucky! Poor old Captain America has been without a leg and his trusty shield for a few weeks now. I’m not sure Spider-man’s spidey senses are up to much either…

Captain America and Spider-man toys with pieces missing

Mr Funny Face has lost face rather…

A plastic face with various features missing

And poor old Thomas is one piece short of a jigsaw. I know how he feels…

A puzzle with a piece missing

We dedicated Saturday afternoon to finding all the lost toys and, as Professor Denzil Dexter from The Fast Show would put it, the results were disappointing. A few bees found their way back to the hive and we found a few dinosaurs we had long thought extinct, but several small things remain MIA. I haven’t even dared look in the Lego box…


  1. Richard

    I can fully identify with this. My eldest son has a box of Thomas Mega Bloks and the amount of time we spend looking for the bits is unreal, we can’t find them and then find them weeks later.

    1. Post

      Thanks Richard – not just me then! Interesting you mention Mega Bloks – Dylan and Xander haven’t played with them for at least a year and we found a few bits at the weekend!

  2. LittleOandMe

    This made me chuckle. My son is only two so we haven’t reached the ‘small’ toys stage yet. Although he did lose one of his wooden puzzle pieces the other day and I made my other half move most of the house to find it!!
    Poor Captain America!
    Becky xx

  3. Jenny

    Ha ha, I think all parents can relate, we find that if it’s not under the sofa or in the toy boxes then it’s never going to be found! Too many toys with too many pieces here! 🙂 x

  4. Heather

    No, it’s not just you! My eldest has the Vtech robot called Gadget who helpfully comes with 30 ‘computer chips’ (i.e. small plastic discs that have the letters of the alphabet plus four extras) that are very good at going walkabout. It maddens me when I am tidying up and I can’t find all 30 of them. Little OCD me…

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