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Disclosure: I received a Braun CoolTec to review and keep. 

If, like me, you’re a bloke with sensitive skin, the new Braun CoolTec may well be of interest to you. It’s the world’s first shaver which reduces irritation by cooling your skin as you shave, without the need for gel.

It does this by using thermoelectric cooling technology which, apparently, is used in the construction of spacecraft and satellites! An aluminium bar that sits between the foils in the shaver’s head draws heat away and reduces the temperature by 20°C in under two minutes. Very clever.

I’ve just put one through its paces and am pleased to report that it did its job admirably. I was keen to see how it worked – and had to shave before leaving the house for the day too – so only charged it for half an hour.

But that was more than enough to do the job with speed and ease, leaving me with an uncharacteristically smooth face! According to the box, a five-minute charge will be enough for one shave, which is really handy.

A close-up of a shaver with the LED indicator light on.

I’ve had mixed experiences with electric shavers in the past. The ones I’ve used to date have been great for getting stubble down to a uniform level, but have all left me needing a lot of moisturiser when I’ve tried to go for the clean-shaved look.

This one was very different. I have to admit that the sensation of the cold metal on my face was a little strange at first. But I soon got used to it and it definitely reduced the irritation. It’s the closest shave I’ve had from an electric razor, so I’m really impressed.

Another feature I like is the nifty long hair trimmer. It slides into place from the back of the shaver and more than held its own against my overgrown sideburns, which are nice and even now.

Cleaning the shaver is easy too. You can either use the brush that comes in the box or rinse the head in hot water – remembering, of course, to ensure that it’s not connected to the power supply at the time.

All in all, it’s a well-designed and useful shaver that I’m happy with.

The Braun CoolTec CT2s has an RRP of £99.99. I have one to give away in my competition, which you can enter via the widget below. Good luck!

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  1. stephen holman

    i’ve tried a few different electric shavers over the years which generally left my skin irritated – so this sounds a lot better !

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