Imagine 2030 with Sightsavers

A pledge showing the Sightsavers logo and the words "A world where equality and respect are the driving forces and in which nobody is left behind".

Having worked for Sightsavers for a year and really enjoyed my time there, I’ve continued to be a supporter and was happy to be asked to help raise awareness of its Imagine 2030 campaign.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Sightsavers, it’s an International NGO which works in more than 30 countries to eliminate avoidable blindness – there are several causes, but the two biggest are trachoma and river blindness – and helps people with visual impairments to live independently.

The 2030 in the campaign’s name comes from when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are due to come to an end. These goals are being discussed by world leaders at the moment and will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which began in 2000 and expire this year. The MDGs failed to include the rights of people with disabilities and this is something that Sightsavers wants to see rectified in the new development agenda.

Sightsavers is asking people to consider the world they want to see in 2030 and to share their hopes and dreams for the future as part of its Put us in the Picture campaign. Here’s what I want to see in 2030…

At home

I’ll be 50 in 2030. Let’s just leave that one right there… Dylan will be 20 and Xander 18 so I hope that both of them will be in or thinking about university and that we’ll be able to afford to send them. I’d like to think that they’ll be well-rounded young men who treat other people with respect and that they have the same great relationship with us that I had – and continue to have – with my parents at that age.


On a national level, I hope that Conservative-led Britain will be nothing more than a bad memory and that we’ll live in a progressive country where the needs of the many are the priority rather than helping the privileged few dodge taxes. I hope that there will no longer be a need for things like food banks and that the NHS will be alive, well and thriving. At the moment, that seems like it’s asking a lot, but I live in hope.


I’d like to see a world that is much fairer and in which people all have the same opportunities, regardless of the things they are currently discriminated against for. Nobody will be denied their basic human rights and things that we take for granted like healthcare and education will be available to all.

There seem to be a couple of common themes in what I want to see, so my goal for 2030 is a world where equality and respect are the driving forces and in which nobody is left behind.

What would you like to see in 2030? Make your pledge on the Imagine 2030 page.

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