VAX Big Spring Clean

A cylindrical vacuum cleaner.

I’ve never really understood what drives us to undertake an annual spring clean as opposed to doing so regularly throughout the year, but it’s something I’m definitely guilty of.

Maybe it’s something to do with the sudden onslaught of sunlight through our windows exposing all the dust which shames me into action. Whatever the reason, it can be a chore, which is why handy hints that help get the job done with minimum effort are always welcome. VAX got in touch to ask if I’d share my tips for getting the home spic and span this spring. Happy to oblige…

Don’t have kids or pets!

If you want a nice, clean home, young children and animals are your natural enemies. I jest, of course, but the little darlings do seem to bring as much mess with them as they do joy into our lives. The best thing in this situation is to try and educate them about preventative action. For example, I’m constantly telling Dylan and Xander that there’s nothing fascinating on the bottom of plates and to evict She-Ra if she sits on the sofa. I’ll confess that I’m losing this one at the moment, but I will get through eventually…

Baby wipes are your best friends!

I’ve lost count of the things I’ve cleaned with baby wipes since we’ve had them around. I’ve used them to frantically dust and polish in one fell swoop with guests imminent, shine my shoes for important occasions and remove stubborn stains from the oven among a great many other household jobs. We seem to have a pack in every room now. I imagine we still will when we no longer need them for the kids.

As is vinegar…

As luck would have it, my Mum has written a book about the numerous uses of vinegar. 1,001 uses, in fact, many of which can be deployed around the house. We’ve used it to get rid of mould in the bathroom, clean the windows and banish slugs from the garden. It’s versatile, cheap and environmentally friendly. Make sure you have a bottle in your kitchen. And a copy of my Mum’s book!

Get a good-quality vacuum cleaner

We’ve been through a fair few vacuum cleaners in the last few years and a quality one makes all the difference. VAX provided me with an Air Revolve vacuum cleaner for this post and, genuinely, I love it. It’s incredibly powerful and picks up everything with ease, including the impacted detritus that inevitably gathers under the edges of rugs. It makes cleaning the stairs easy too – it has been designed to be turned upright and left on one step, where it will safely remain.

It boasts several other nifty features. Not least the fact that, thanks to its shape, you can clean in one continuous motion in any direction. When you’ve finished vacuuming, a simple sliding switch ejects the dirt container for emptying. Meanwhile, the winch-like mechanism for tidying the cord away is so much more effective than other models we’ve had. It’s an excellent bit of kit that has definitely made the housework a lot easier, so I’m more than happy to recommend it.

Disclosure: this post was produced in collaboration with VAX


  1. Rebecca Cox

    Oh this looks great! We have a really old huge heavy carpet cleaner, but we now have hard floors, I didnt know you could get machines that did both! Will definitely have to look into getting one.

  2. Alice

    It’s really nice to see that a full-time dad can have a profession, interesting blog and to have time to help with the never-ending cleaning chores. Also, thank you for giving us a link to the book with the vinegar cleaning solutions.

  3. Elizabeth Parkin

    Thank you, for this extremely useful article, Tom! It’s safe to say that every stay-at-home dad is going to appreciate this post, and not only. Also thank you, for the book link as well, already ordered it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Post

      Thanks Elizabeth – glad it was of use. My Mum will be pleased to hear that her book continues to sell too!

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