Introducing Cheans

A man wearing a pair of trousers that are half jeans and half chinos.

You know you’ve made it as a blogger when a well-known brand offers you the chance to help launch an exclusive new item – and I’m really excited to be playing my small part in promoting this one. I’ve got something of a scoop about the next big thing in the fashion world for you today.

If like me, you love both chinos and jeans and are often faced with the dilemma of which to wear, these should be right up your street – ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce you to Cheans.

Jacamo has beaten all other clothing retailers to this world first and I imagine that fashion designers around the globe are kicking themselves in their monotone trousers today, having been trumped to this bold new launch. Chinos on the front and jeans on the back, they’re the must-have look this season and I think they’re just the kind of thing that could take the fashion world by storm.

What I like about them is the fact that they’re so versatile. They’re perfect for those awkward occasions in which you’re just not sure whether you’re supposed to be casual or smart casual. Turn up donning a pair of Cheans and you’re laughing.

Similarly, a problem I experience on those special days in which I actually get a seat on the train is that the seats are often dirty. This results in my beige chinos becoming sullied, which is never ideal – especially at work. Cheans are a good answer to this problem – the hard-wearing denim won’t stain as easily.

They offer the best of both worlds; comfy and hard wearing, dark and light and, as I’ve hinted at already, formal and informal. I, for one, am really looking forward to getting hold of a pair.

You can order your pair of Cheans on the Jacamo site.

Disclosure: this post was written in association with Jacamo

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