Month: April 2015

VAX Big Spring Clean

A cylindrical vacuum cleaner.

I’ve never really understood what drives us to undertake an annual spring clean as opposed to doing so regularly throughout the year, but it’s something I’m definitely guilty of. Maybe it’s something to do with the sudden onslaught of sunlight through our windows exposing all the dust which shames me into action. Whatever the reason, it can be a …

Cat burglar

A naughty cat with a load of socks

You know those maps that show you how many crimes have been committed on your street? Well there’s probably a ruddy big dot on the precise location of our house on the one of our road, thanks to a stealthy criminal who has been purloining our possessions on a daily basis. Yes, we have a one-cat crimewave living …

Introducing Cheans

A man wearing a pair of trousers that are half jeans and half chinos.

You know you’ve made it as a blogger when a well-known brand offers you the chance to help launch an exclusive new item – and I’m really excited to be playing my small part in promoting this one. I’ve got something of a scoop about the next big thing in the fashion world for you …