Review: WaveWall phone case

A black phone case with a blue interior and a blue strap for removing the phone.

Here’s a phone case with a difference – it protects more than just your phone! It can also reduce the risk of radiation from it damaging your fertility. The WaveWall has been designed for those who, like me, keep their phones in their pockets.

According to statistics on the WaveWall website, infertility affects one in 25 men, while one in five of us aged between 18 and 25 are at risk due to having abnormal sperm counts. It also cites scientific studies which have shown that mobile phone radiation can cause infertility.

Independent testing has shown the WaveWall phone case to reduce radiation by over 85% but, it still allows you to receive calls, text messages and emails. This is because the side that is nearest your body has a shield and the other doesn’t. Said shield is a fabric made of metallic fibres that is sandwiched between the leather exterior and microfibre lining. This layer is basically a mesh, the holes of which are too small for the harmful radiation waves to get through, so it bounces them back away from you.

Mine arrived the day after it was sent so that made a good first impression. Now, obviously, I wasn’t able to carry out a fertility test after using it for a week, but I’m happy that the independent research has done that bit for me. My pocket certainly doesn’t feel as warm as it used to after my phone had been in it, which must indicate that the radiation is being kept at bay and I’ve still managed to receive calls and messages, so it definitely works in that respect too.

In addition to the protection it provides to both your phone and you, it’s a nice looking case that has been well made out of good-quality materials. The strap with the tab at the end of it has two functions; first of all, it provides an easy – and satisfying if you’re as geeky as me – way of removing your phone from the case and, secondly, serves to remind you which side should be facing outwards when it’s in your pocket.

The WaveWall is available for several different phones including the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6. I have to be honest and admit that I don’t know exactly which case I have – my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I was sent the closest size. That said, it was a perfect fit the first time I put my phone in it, so that will do me!

The WaveWall costs £26 and comes with free international delivery.

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