Review: Fitbit Flex

A wristband with flashing lights.

Like a lot of people, one of my new year’s resolutions is to take better care of myself. So when giffgaff offered me the opportunity to review a Fitbit Flex, I jumped at the chance. Almost quite literally, which is very much in keeping with what it does.

For anyone unfamiliar with this kind of gadget, it’s a small tracker that you wear inside a wristband. It keeps a tally of how many steps you take in a day, as well as the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burned as a result. At night, it monitors the quality of your sleep too and you can use it as a silent alarm.

To help keep track of everything, there’s an online dashboard accessed either via a wireless dongle or a smartphone app. To check how you’re doing during the day, you tap the wristband twice and lights will indicate how far you’ve got towards achieving your daily goal. There are five lights, representing 20% each.

As well as recording stats captured from your movements, it offers a couple of features that rely on honesty. Namely how much water you’ve had to drink and the number of calories you’ve eaten. I’ll readily admit that I’m struggling with the former as I prefer to drink tea or squash, but I’m doing very well with the latter and have only exceeded my daily limits twice – on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, in fact, so they hardly count!

Six progress indicators illustrating distance covered and calories eaten.
Part of the Fitbit online dashboard – check out my badge!

The best thing, of course, is that it’s really got me thinking about ways of improving my lifestyle and I’m making little changes all the time. For example, I now walk the long way to and from the train station. I’have also adapted my morning routine to involve running up and down the stairs more so I can get my steps and distance in every day. I even venture away from my desk at lunchtimes now too. Amazing!

One minor gripe is that the calorie database developed to allow you to quickly log what you’ve eaten only includes American brands. This is a problem as they have different calorie counts. This sort of removes the point if you have to add something quickly, but I think this will only be an issue during the early days as it does remember things I’ve added.

A wristband, a small tracking device and a charger.
The Fitbit Flex wristband, tracker and charger

This one little con is outweighed by several pros though. Others include the fact that you can earn badges by achieving distances as well as goals you’ve set yourself – my inner geek loves these. I also have indisputable proof that I don’t get enough sleep due to Xander still not doing so himself . It also holds its charge for about five days – which is much better than any other gadgets I have. The wristband is comfortable and easy to remove the tracker from for charging.

I’m really glad I said yes to this review. It’s definitely helping me stick to at least one of my new year’s resolutions and I feel much more positive than I normally do in January, so that’ll do me!

The Fitbit Flex has an RRP of 79.99.


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  2. Dominic Cope

    Great review bud, always wondered about one of these. Shame about the American only food database but might have to look into these further now. Cheers!

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