My new year’s resolutions

Several bottles of red wine

I’ve never really been the sort to make new year’s resolutions, but this year I’ve decided to make a few. I figured that, even if I fail miserably – which is highly likely – setting myself a few goals can only be a good thing. Especially if I actually manage to stick to any of them for more than a month. I also thought that, by writing them down, I’d have a record with which to make myself feel guilty for being slovenly and letting myself down. Let’s see if this works…

Do more with the kids

Looking at the blogs and Facebook pages of others and seeing how much they do with their kids makes me think that we don’t take Dylan and Xander out enough. We had the great excuse of hardly having any money last year, but that isn’t the case this time round. We spend plenty of time playing with them at home, of course, but will endeavour to take them elsewhere too.

Take better care of myself

I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping myself in good nick and feel like I’m starting to fall apart, so this is going to be the year in which I get my arse in gear. I’m going to get more exercise, drink more water and remember to floss every day. So there!

Stop shouting at the kids (as much)

Like any young children, Dylan and Xander are capable of being proper little sods at times and it’s tricky to stay calm after they’ve repeatedly ignored our requests to stop misbehaving. That said, I do shout at them too much. I’m somehow going to find an inner calm and only yell when it’s really warranted.

Blog more

I love this blog, but I feel like I’ve really neglected it since I got a job again. I’m going to get better at managing my time so I can write more posts before they vanish from my head forever, read more of other people’s and try to be more active on social media. Well here’s a blog post on day one to get things off to a decent start…

Drink less

I’m saying now that I’m not going to do Dry January. Let’s be realistic here! That said, I do use bad days as an excuse for getting a bottle of wine on the way home from work – and there seem to be a lot of bad days on this basis! – so we’re going to try not to drink on Mondays through to Thursdays. Don’t laugh, Mum…

What are your new year’s resolutions?


  1. Matthew

    That’s a pretty good good list and you’ve just reminded me to create my own! Thanks (and good luck sticking to your resolutions).

  2. Andy

    Good list. Less shouting is on mine too. It’s a bit of a pre-New Year resolution as I kicked off my efforts during the Christmas break. It’s well worth the effort. We’ve actually seen a small reduction in shitty behaviour from the kids, plus the house is generally a nicer place to be.

  3. karl

    I can relate to many of your pal. Now that i am having another baby fitness is out of the window for me.

    I am going to take a year off fitness and eating well and enjoy being a dad.

    I have also recently found a love for a good bottle of red wine 🙂

  4. JOhn Adams

    Good luck Tom. I wish you every success with your tooth flossing! Good luck also cutting back on the booze, although you’re very sensible not to do dry January. A bit of a bandwagon if you ask me. Happy New Year!

  5. Adam Seaton

    LOL! Drink only on weekends! It’s bad when you have to make these sort of compromises. I’m in the same boat 🙂

    Do what I’ve done and join a PureGym. Free classes every week, which will be sure to get you moving more.

  6. Paul

    Doing things with your kids is ace, you should also look into board games.
    I went to a website called, which is a really good site, but it didn’t seem to have much on this topic. So I wrote something and sent it to them.
    I’ve just got WordPress app thing installed on my phone and I’m trying to follow a few dad blogs (hence how I came here) One of my resolutions is to write more. It may not pan out and by February I’ll probably be back to watching YouTube clips and Facebook, but I can live in hope.

  7. John Paul Paquibot

    one time the BF of my niece visit us during Christmas party, he bought this hard drink, i tried it and it seems like its burning in my mouth so i throw up right away… i think drinking is good at some occassions but make it light..

    shouting at kids, i can control it too….

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