My Christmas shopping hell (avoided)

A Christmas gift

I’m not a big fan of doing things early with regards the large celebration at the end of the year but, as we’re now in December, I suppose it’s just about okay to mention it by name. We did a fair chunk of our Christmas shopping yesterday.

It’s no secret that I hate shopping at any time of year. There’s something about retail centres that brings out the worst in people. The pressure of buying everyone the right Christmas gifts seems to amplify the bad behaviour of grown adults.

George A Romero set Dawn of the Dead in a shopping mall, using the zombies as metaphors for the ugly nature of consumerism and he had a point. All manners and sense of direction go out the window to the point that the collective IQ in any given shopping centre is suddenly lower than that of the hungry hordes in his iconic film.

However much you do online, there are always a few things you have to buy in person. Either because they’re out of stock after Black Friday or because it’s December and Royal Mail are inevitably doing a fine impression of Postman Pat’s Special Delivery Service and losing your precious items. So it was that we nervously ventured into our local Arndale Centre yesterday. It was hell.

I have a cold – sorry, man flu – at the moment. We also had an awful start to the day with Dylan and Xander demanding breakfast at 6am. At least this meant that we got there early so it wasn’t as busy as it could have been. Not that this stopped my little cherubs acting up the moment they saw another little boy with a biscuit. Negotiation didn’t work, so I had to resort to bribery to keep my blood pressure at an acceptable level.

We then went to a shop with escalators in it. Both boys decided they wanted to go on it. Until the last minute when Dylan decided he didn’t fancy it after all. I picked him up just as Xander put his foot on the top step without moving his other.

He ended up in a kung fu pose over two steps – as did I – while one of his shoes got to the bottom early. We got to the ground floor unscathed, but were still doing badly on the Christmas shopping front.

Thank goodness, then, for places like The Works. It always has a plethora of ideas for everyone and yesterday was no exception. Dylan, Xander and their cousin, Jack, are well into Marvel and we were spoilt for choice. My niece, Ella, is mildly obsessed with Frozen and there were several things to choose from for her as well.

There were loads of options for the adults I was buying for too but, as they form the bulk of my readership, I’m not going to say what I got! Going back to zombies, they’ve got a fair few things from The Walking Dead that I wouldn’t object to owning… just saying. It’s quite possible that The Works has saved both Christmas and my own sanity.

This is a collaborative post. I’ve bought loads of Christmas gifts from The Works this year though and am happy to recommend it!

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