Review: Wonderous World books

A happy little boy holding his new book.

Dylan and Xander both love books and are well into letters – especially those in their own names – so are very good at spotting them, which makes these personalised books from Wonderous Ink the perfect gifts. Designed to show little ones why they’re unique in the world, the stories are based on the adventures of a child who, without wanting to sound too much like a film trailer, goes on a journey of discovery.

A colourful children's book.

On their way, the child encounters plenty of colourful characters and literally uses the letters from their own name to help their new friends solve problems. I really like how inventive the stories are as well as the alliterative nature of the characters and personal qualities they tell the child they possess. By the time they reach the end of the book, the child has collected all of the letters from their name and can see what makes them different and special.

A close-up of a little boy reading his book.

I was very impressed with how quickly the previews of the books were generated on the website too – it took seconds to create and I was able to look at every page. Another impressive technological feature is the opportunity for children to continue the adventure online. At the end of the story, they’re presented with a unique code that unlocks a bonus story and quiz.

Dylan and Xander were both gripped by their stories and keep asking to have them read at bedtime, which is always a mark of a good book – most things we get from the library get read once or twice, so we’re onto a winner with these. We heartily recommend them.

Wonderous World books are aimed at children up to the age of eight and retail at £19.99 including P&P.


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