My dream family kitchen

A collage of my ideal kitchen. It includes a forcefield, a pizza oven and a fridge bigger than most sheds.

What would be in your dream family kitchen? As we’d like to move house next year, it’s something that Kate and I often talk about. Beko got in touch with me recently to ask if I’d be interested in creating a mood board on Pinterest showing what would go in mine. Happy to oblige!

The explanations for what I’ve chosen go anti clockwise from the main image:

I’ve always wanted a kitchen with an island in it and I really liked this design – especially as it has a secret stairway down to a wine cellar/panic room for if there’s a zombie apocalypse. I know the latter is more likely than me ever being able to afford a kitchen like this, but this is a dream kitchen after all…

If there is a zombie apocalypse, we’ll have to lie low for a while so my wine cellar would have to be very well stocked. One of those ladders on wheels that they have in libraries would be essential.

Back in the kitchen, I’d have an arrogantly large fridge that can accommodate a ridiculous amount of beer and, I suppose, food too.

My dream kitchen would also be big enough to house a table for family meals away from the television and this one is ideal – it doubles as a pool table!

Every parent knows that coffee is essential so it’s important to take it seriously and this does the job perfectly – a built-in coffee station. Now I know that these exist, it would be rude not to have one in my dream kitchen.

I’m conscious of the fact that I haven’t really covered food yet, so this should redress the balance. The next thing on the wishlist would be a wood-burning pizza oven. We’d quite happily live on the stuff and it would go very nicely with the wine and beer!

That would, of course, create plenty of washing up and I’d be loathe to do that myself. This dishwasher from the Beko built-in range would be perfect. It has a large capacity, is energy efficient and has the cutlery tray at the top which would save my poor old back.

The final thing on my list would be a forcefield to keep the kids and kitten out of the kitchen. If there’s one thing that really annoys me, it’s them getting under my feet when I’m making their breakfast, so this would do nicely. I’d let them in at mealtimes and in the event of the aforementioned zombie apocalypse, of course, but I wouldn’t want them getting near all my nice stuff putting themselves in danger.

So there you go – my dream kitchen. It’s capacious, packed with built-in appliances to make my life easier and completely inaccessible to anyone I don’t want joining me in there. If only I could afford it…

I created this mood board in association with Beko who are kindly giving me a shopping voucher in return for putting this post together.


  1. Yorkshire Dad

    Great post! I have just designed and ordered a new kitchen for the house. We had a tight budget so couldn’t really include a wine cellar or insane cooking alliances 🙁

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