Xander’s big break

A happy boy ready for pre school
They don’t know what’s about to hit them…

It’s been a week of landmarks in our house – hot on the heels of Dylan’s first day at school, we welcomed our first family pet, She-Ra, to the fold. She’s been hot on everyone’s heels since then and I’m becoming used to being attacked by something furry and a fraction of my size. Yesterday, marked the fourth anniversary of the post that started off Diary of the Dad and, today, Xander is off to pre school for the first time.

He’s so ready for it! He’s watched from the confines of his pushchair as Dylan was dropped off and picked up, desperate to join in, and threw himself into the taster session with great gusto and no hesitation. An early walker and talker, he’s been striding around confidently for as long as I can remember and can hold some hilariously grown up conversations for his two and a half years. With Dylan having his new ‘thing’, Xander needs one of his own and pre school is going to tick all the boxes.

Naturally, I really hope he enjoys himself and makes a few friends like Dylan has. I’m sure he will – he’s a friendly, caring little lad, so he’ll get on fine with others. The other thing I hope he’ll get is tired! Amazing though he undoubtedly is, it has to be said that he’s a force of nature with boundless energy and an apparent drive to break things – a little like Quantum Leap in reverse.

He breaks something in the house pretty much every day and I’m beginning to think that there should be an insurance category called ‘Acts of Xander’. One of the sections on his reward chart is ‘Didn’t break anything today’. He has yet to earn a star in that line… Hopefully peer pressure and seeing that other adults have a word when he destroys things will spark a realisation – and make him sufficiently knackered to sleep through the night without waking us up too!

He’s already quite good at drawing, so hopefully the calming influence of other children his age will result in him putting some of that energy into nurturing his creative side… hopefully that doesn’t mean he’ll graffiti the walls, but it would still be a step in the right direction. Joking aside, I’m really pleased for him that he finally gets to go. He’s going to love it and it’ll suit him down to the ground.

Have a good day, little man!

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