Review: First Fun Flashcards

A box of flashcards with three cards with photos of animals in front of it

Keeping Dylan and Xander occupied during the summer months has been a challenge and a half. I think we’ve done pretty well for the most part and the key has been introducing plenty of new things to keep them from asking for yet another marathon session in front of the telly. Here’s one of said new things that did the trick: First Fun Flashcards.

Miles Kelly Publishing sent us a pack of their new flashcards aimed at children aged three and up and asked us to see how many games Dylan could come up with. Being a typical younger sibling, Xander wanted to join in – and he’s far from out of his depth with them, so I’d suggest that two and up would be a better recommended age – and they’ve played brilliantly together with them.

The first thing the cards had to do was pass the Xander test, which they did with aplomb. They’re nice and sturdy and he hasn’t managed to tear any of them yet! The flashcards in this particular pack are wild animals, but there other options in the range including colours and shapes and numbers. There are 26 cards with close-up images of the animals on one side and a full shot along with an interesting fact about the same animal on the reverse. There’s also a card offering suggestions to get children started playing with them.

A happy boy playing with flashcards

Then it was down to the business of playing with them and Dylan has taken the role of quizmaster very seriously indeed – Paxo should be worried. The boys’ favourite game is for Dylan to hold the cards and describe the animal on them for Xander to guess what it is. Both of them are very good at this and it’s definitely further improved their language skills. That said, “It’s not a monkey” wasn’t the best of clues, so there’s still room for improvement! They also enjoy guessing animals by doing their best impressions of them – and who wouldn’t eh?

Dylan loves counting so, when Xander wanders off to do something else, he tends to divide the cards up into groups of the numbers of legs the animals have or by their colours. It’s great to see both boys – but Dylan in particular – enjoying something other than cartoons or electronic games. It’ll serve him well for his imminent start at school too, so I’m happy!

The flashcards have an RRP of £5.99 – well worth it in my humble opinion!

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