Embrace every moment

A collage of photos of a dad with his newborn sons and them in the present day.

With Dylan starting school last week and Xander off to pre school for the first time yesterday, I’ve been scratching my head about where the time has gone. Of course, parents up and down the country are pondering the same question. The people at Fairy have jumped on this. They asked some of us parent blogging folk to write about how quickly the time has gone.

I remember people telling me to enjoy the early days when Dylan was born as they go so quickly. At the time, I thought they were off their rockers. That is to say, although I was naturally enjoying spending time with him, the sleepless nights seemed interminable!

Once we got into an established routine, though, it has indeed flown by. Now we somehow have two little lads who wander about the house doing their own thing and answering back. In what seems hardly time at all, they’ve gone through all the landmarks you look forward to as a new parent and become so independent. They grow up so fast!

In terms of favourite moments, there are too many to mention. I think most parents would say the same. I remember my sister – who had kids before we did – saying something to the effect that every stage is allowed to be your favourite and that makes a lot of sense.

Holding both Dylan and Xander when they were born, of course, are moments that will stay with me forever. As are catching them when their first attempts at walking didn’t quite work out!

Fairy is ‘encouraging mums to embrace every moment’ and ‘make the most of every special moment, by giving them an extra big cuddle today!’ Well, obviously, I’m not a mum but can attest to the fact that dads enjoy cuddling their children too.

Dylan and Xander haven’t been short of hugs from me. In fact, I ran across the playground after Dylan on his first day when he neglected to give me a cuddle. So there!

Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.

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