Paddington introduces Warbeartons

Paddington Bear with a sign that says 'bear' and various tools.

Disclosure: This is a paid collaboration.

When I was in the age bracket that Dylan and Xander find themselves in now, I was more than a little obsessed with Paddington Bear. I watched every episode of the animated series, insisted on having a duffle coat like his – and a floppy hat too, for that matter – and even had a little suitcase that I carried marmalade sandwiches around in. No word of a lie! I was basically a Paddington tribute act on tour. It made me smile yesterday then, when I found out that deepest, darkest Peru’s finest is doing something similar after joining forces with the nation’s number one bakery brand, Warburtons.

As part of this partnership, Warburtons is changing its name – for the first time in its 138-year history, no less – to ‘Warbeartons’ on over six million of its Half & Half products. Having already visited the company HQ to update the sign, the iconic ursine will also be hitting the road in a double-decker bus modified to look like a loaf of bread in an effort to inspire families to embark on mini adventures of their own this summer.

Paddington will be touring Britain on the Warbeartons Adventure Bus, as it’s known, to share adventure tips with families ahead of the summer holidays. I do hope he’s planning on visiting Sandwich in Kent…

The Warburtons HQ sign after Paddington has modified it to say 'Warbeartons'

As well as meeting the conserve-loving bear, people will be able to sink their teeth into some of his favourite marmalade sarnies and take home a special summer adventure guide – featuring Warbeartons ‘Top 10 Family Adventures’ and ‘Top 10 Adventurous Sandwich Recipes’, created by sandwich expert Helen Graves.

Warburtons will also be challenging families to spot the Warbeartons Adventure Bus and upload a picture to Facebook, for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime adventure family holiday. In addition, fans will have the opportunity to influence the bus’ journey and track its progress on Warburtons’ Facebook page.

With Paddington’s big-screen debut set for release on 28 November, there looks to be plenty more to come from the partnership. In the meantime, I’ve completed the circle by dressing Xander up as Paddington for my own amusement…

A toddler dressed up as Paddington Bear. Just because.
Yes, I had to change the colour of his hat in Photoshop. Badly.


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