How much do you value your Dad?

With Father’s Day fast approaching, many of us will be thinking about what to get our dads by means of a small token of our appreciation as well as of all the things they do for us. The Car Buying Service got in touch with me recently to ask how much I value my Dad – well there’s a million-dollar question!

I know this bit will embarrass him and that he reads every post I publish, so I’ll keep it to a brief summary. Obviously, it’s a money-can’t buy value; I’m delighted to report that my old man is a complete legend who I want to be like if I ever grow up. He’s always been there for me and still ferries me and my family around, gives up his free time without complaint to help with all the DIY jobs that I’m too scared to carry out on my own lest I destroy the house and is still playing five-a-side football twice a week at the age of 64. I’d love to think I can emulate all of that, but he’s set me a hard act to follow. plus I don’t drive. Gah! Nice one, Dad!

Yes, my Dad’s name is Lol. The advent of internet lingo caused a little confusion in emails…

They also asked me if I’d try out their valuation tool to see what he’d be worth if he were a car. We’ve all pondered this question at one time or another, so I was happy to oblige. As you can see from the image above, the fun app seemed to think highly of him too: “A rare vintage that’s a great all-rounder” was its verdict. I think it sums him up quite nicely and I’m pretty sure he’ll take that too. Especially as it could win him a driving experience…

Yep, that’s right – by using the valuation tool, you will be automatically entered into a competition to win your Dad a supercar driving experience. A great Father’s Day gift, I’m sure you’ll agree!

How much do you value your Dad? You can try out the valuation tool and automatically enter the competition on The Car Buying Service website.

Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with The Car Buying Service.

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