Review: Clarks school shoes

Image of a new pair of black shoes.

There are two universal truths that I can think of about shoes. The first is that, when trying them on, we all end up moving around in a way that wouldn’t look completely out of place in Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.

The second is that children go through them at a rate that gives the respective speeds of light and sound a run for their money. I was extremely grateful therefore when I received some vouchers to buy a new pair for Dylan at Clarks.

The children’s section of our local Clarks shop had changed a little since our previous visit. There were some new-looking devices for measuring kids’ feet and tablets on display.

The latter had an app installed on them which made the whole experience of getting measured up and choosing a new pair of shoes much more engaging for little ones and Dylan loved it!

He chose a character and helped provide the important details before the tablet was placed inside the measuring device for the shoe size side of things. A far cry from the pieces of plastic with tape measures attached to them!

As he’s embarking on the next chapter in his education in September, we wanted him to choose a pair that could double as school shoes. So we took a Henry Ford approach with him – he could have any colour as long as it was black.

Thankfully, he was happy to go along with this despite having his eye attracted by some colourful World Cup-inspired ones and there were plenty of options that fitted the bill. After some of his trademark procrastination, he went for a smart pair with a discreet jet emblem on them.

I was initially put off by the fact that there are two small flashing ‘landing’ lights, but the shop assistant, Mariela – who was brilliant with Dylan throughout, by the way – showed us a button for switching them off.

Among the other features on these leather shoes – and, indeed, others in the Clarks range – are tough rubber soles and anti-scuff toecaps as well as a Velcro fastening to keep them firmly in place. They look very comfortable too and are an excellent fit on him.

Naturally, there are pictures of jets on the soles too – and we all know that no self-respecting young child likes leaving plain, boring footprints! – so that seemed to earn Dylan’s approval too.

They say you can tell a man by his shoes. I’m not sure what this says about me as mine are more than a little worn – but I guess it makes laddo a well-turned-out little chap and that can’t be bad!

The pair we selected retail at £36, while other shoes in the Clarks range start at £28. Need to know more about your little one’s feet before buying a new pair? Check out this infographic!

Disclosure: we received a Clarks voucher in exchange for a review.


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