Introducing my BritMums Live sponsor… ExtremePie!

So, seven days from now I’ll be on a train to some place called London as I make my way to my third BritMums Live. I’m looking forward to all the usual things, of course – meeting up with old friends, making new ones, drinking far too much and having an uninterrupted night’s sleep between the two days.

There’s also the small matter of giving a presentation with the Love All Dads Podcast team and the chance that we may even win a Brilliance in Blogging award for our weekly show. Here’s hoping. It’s going to be a very welcome distraction from the apparently never-ending nightmare that is trying to find a new job and I can’t wait.

Given that I am currently sans vocation, I am extremely grateful that I’ve managed to secure a sponsor to help me get there and, indeed, afford the hotel for the holy grail that is said night’s sleep. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the fine folk at

ExtremePie is an action sports and lifestyle website where you can find several big-name brands for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. While I have to confess that my outdoor activity is limited to football pitches and the occasional adventure with my best mate Rob, I can very much see Xander becoming an action sports enthusiast as he’s completely fearless and genuinely believes he can climb over anything. Plus the site has one of the biggest ranges of Converse I’ve ever seen, so it’s well and truly on my internet favourites!

And it’s not just my favourite footwear that you can find a lot of. They’ve specialised in surf, skate, snow and ride gear since 2001, so their range is absolutely massive – fingers in all sorts of extreme pies, if you will.

Having worked with its sister site, before, I can testify to what friendly people they are too and that means a lot to me in a brand so I’m delighted to be working with them.

Thank you, guys!

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