Review: Dinosaur Train collectibles

A toy dinosaur and a toy train carriage

Kids love dinosaurs. Kids love trains. Jim Henson’s Dinosaur Train was never likely to be anything other than a hit and so it has proved in our house. Tomy asked me if Dylan and Xander would be interested in reviewing some of the collectibles from their Dinosaur Train range and, being a complete softie, I said yes please.

They sent us three packs; the first of which was everybody’s favourite Troodon, Mr Conductor, and his train car. All of the toys are very durable and have easily passed the Xander test. Even the wheels, which I thought would be the first casualties of his enthusiasm, are very sturdy and everything is in the same condition as it was when it came out of the box.

A toy dinosaur inside a toy train carriage

Here’s Tank the Triceratops looking at home in his train car. Speaking of the vehicle he’s sitting in, a motorised adventure train set that the collectibles can be attached to is also available in the range. Both boys love playing with these toys, Dylan in particular who is mildly obsessed with all things Triassic, Jurrasic and Cretaceous. If it’s large, scaly and likely to pose a danger to unprepared time travellers, he’s all over it.

Three toy dinosaurs
Finally, we have Annie the Tyrannosaurus, Don the Pteranodon and Velma the Velociraptor. And, yes, I did need Dylan’s help identifying some of the species in the range. I thought Velma was an Oviraptor. What an amateur I am! I obviously need to pay more attention to the popular Nick Jr show…

The Dinosaur Train collectibles start at £4.99 and are available from a number of online retailers including the Tomy website.


  1. brinabird and son

    My wee man got this for Christmas from his aunt. Train with tracks and a few of the dinosaurs. The train hitches a bit on the track which is a shame and was not overly impressed with the paper pieces that are meant to be tunnels…keep falling over. I struggle to get the dinosaurs in their cars with the little holes on their feet. The wee man is generally happy with it though.

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