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A framed picture of a beautiful sunrise next to some traditional baby gifts.
The Day That offers photographs taken at sunrise on special dates in your family calendar

Can you remember what the weather was up to on certain momentous events in your life? There’s a common denominator to significant dates in our family and a strange one at that. The sun has always come out for the day despite it raining for the rest of the week. We were dreading what the weather was going to be like on our wedding day; it had been raining constantly from Monday to Friday and the forecast for Saturday was for a cloudy sky at best. It was a scorcher and we both ended up getting sunburn while having our pictures taken. The following day, my parents had a barbecue for close friends and family and it tipped down. Strange eh?

A beautiful sunrise over the sea.

Just under a year later and with Kate reaching the ‘hurry up, baby, I’m getting very uncomfortable’ stage – and during another uninspiring week of normal British summertime – Dylan arrived. Inconsiderately, he was born in the middle of the night which meant that, due to the hospital’s visiting hours, I was only allowed to stay with mother and baby until they were transferred to the ward at around 6am. As I was leaving the eerily quiet hospital and ambling home in the same bewildered fashion that Andrew Lincoln does in the first episode of The Walking Dead, I was quite literally dazzled at how bright it was. Another sunny day, despite what meteorologists had predicted the day before.

A photo of a beautiful sunrise alongside other decorative household items.

Two years later, Kate and I were in the delivery suite once more. It was a much more civilised hour, so it was already daylight when we got there – albeit overcast. Xander soon arrived in the world with such force that he snapped the umbilical cord, he and Kate got the all clear from the midwives and, after a few hours in the windowless room, we were told we could go home as we’d been there, seen it and got the T-shirt once before. As we left the building to get into my parents’ car, we both had the same reaction to the blinding sunshine that greeted us that most sane vampires do. Yep, it was another beautifully sunny day. Now I know that, being British, we have a strange obsession with the weather, but that’s all a bit strange isn’t it? A lovely kind of strange, but strange nonetheless.

Another image of a beautiful sunrise over the sea.

If you’re on the lookout for a memento from your special day, give The Day That a look. Every day – since midsummer’s day 2005, no less – their photographers capture stunning images of the sun rising in order to create unique gifts to commemorate births, wedding days or any happy occasion. Just in case you hadn’t guessed, the photos throughout this post are from their catalogue, so you can see for yourself what beautiful images they are. Want to know what your special day looked like? Find out on this here interactive calendar!

This is a sponsored post, but I think they’re a lovely idea and will be looking into getting one when we finally move home!

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