A happy little boy on his trike.

Somehow or other, we have a two-year-old boy once again. I’m really not sure where the time has gone – or why the little man still isn’t sleeping through the night, for that matter – but we recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of Xander arriving in the world with such force that he saved me the trouble of cutting the umbilical cord, so he’s definitely a fully-paid-up member of the terrible twos brigade now.

Despite being very aware of most things in life, I don’t think he quite understood what it was all about as he keeps asking when his birthday is going to be – or maybe that’s because he wants more presents – but he certainly enjoyed himself and knew what to do when faced with gifts, candles and cake! He ripped open, blew out and mercilessly devoured them with the great gusto that has become his trademark. Basically, he systematically destroyed the spoils of celebration.

So how has he changed since his last birthday? Well he’s still a force of nature whose party trick is breaking stuff, so things are similar on that front. He’s a lot more talkative though. He was using odd words and phrases at one, but there was nothing resembling conversation. Now, he’s not backward in coming forward about communicating what he wants. Namely food. His first words every morning are either “Is it breakfast time?” or “Got any Jaffa Cakes?” Nothing if not consistent.

He’s also really enjoying books, which is another good thing. I think he sometimes uses them as a delaying tactic at bedtime, but an interest in words and the structure of stories bodes well. He’s shown an interest in drawing and making things too, so he’s seems to be doing well on the creative front.

He is happy to quite literally charge head-first into new things and ask questions later. He’s an ‘in-your-face’ type and has become the family clown – he’s a talented little mischief maker – but is also very sensitive to other people’s feelings. Apart from today when he had a meltdown during Dylan’s end-of-term preschool performance and caused me to miss it. Git.

Despite dabbling in irrational tantrums though, he’s an amazing little lad who’s doing brilliantly and we’re really proud of him. If he could just learn how to sleep through the night by his third birthday, I’d be much obliged.


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      Thank you! I think we’re going to need plenty of luck on the sleeping front. He’s a determined little chap!

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