Review: Trunki suitcases

Two Trunki suitcases.

We’re off on our first family holiday later this year. I’m eagerly anticipating it and dreading it in equal measure.

One of the many things we needed to do in advance of it was to get Dylan and Xander some toddler-friendly luggage to hold all the boredom-busting ‘essentials’ for the interminable wait that is sitting around in Gatwick Airport for hours on end.

Fortunately, the friendly people at contacted me with the perfect solution. Phew!

They first got in touch with me to ask if the boys would like to review one each of these Little Life bags. Thanks to my parents, though, they actually already have one each. Dylan has a bee and Xander has a ladybird and they’re great.

They give the boys a little bit of independence while we’re out and about, but can be used like reins to stop them from wandering where they shouldn’t. Two big thumbs up from me!

Two colourful children's suitcases; one of which is open.

So, anyway, onto the main point of the review: the Trunki suitcases. I’d seen parents with small children using them at airports and train stations in the past and thought they were a brilliant idea.

Not only can they be used to carry all the odds and ends that a toddler considers a must, but they can also be deployed as something they can ride on.

As well as a curved top that makes for what Dylan assures me is a comfortable seat, they have four wheels and a sturdy strap so that they can be pulled along by a parent. Two ‘antennae’ on the front act as comfortable handles to stop them getting off. Although which toddler in their right mind would want to do that?

Dylan chose Bernard Bee – which I understand has since been replaced with Freida Cow on the blackleaf site – while Xander opted for Harley Ladybird. Good choices as they match their Little Life bags!

The Trunkis are big enough to carry all the things required to bribe the boys into behaving themselves and small enough to take on board as cabin luggage for the operator we’re flying with. Double check with your airline though if you’re basing a purchase on this review!

They’re also big enough to carry everything they’ll need for overnight trips too. I’m happy and so, it would seem, are these two!

Two toddlers sitting on colourful suitcases.

The Trunkis in the range on are available from £34.16 to £49.95.


  1. Steve

    I wish we had these cases when G was a little girl. They only started appearing when she was too old for them. Great idea.

    1. Post

      Thanks Steve, yes they’re a great idea. I think my wife was as excited about getting them as the boys were!

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