Review: Snugg Samsung Galaxy S3 case

Back view of a phone inside a protective case.

I was really impressed by the Snugg Nexus 7 case I reviewed last year and it’s still going strong and doing its job despite Xander’s best efforts at destroying the tablet that it keeps safe and, erm, ‘snugg’.

I was more than happy, therefore, to hear from them again recently asking if I’d like to put something else from their range through its paces. I have a relatively new phone which I hadn’t yet got a new case for – I like to live on the edge – so I chose the Snugg Samsung Galaxy S3 case; no prizes for guessing which phone I have then.

I tend to keep my phone in my pocket, so I wanted a thin cover and this one is just right. As you can see from the picture below, it’s very slimline in design. That said, it’s made out of a tough, non-scratch material and has so far done its job admirably. It clipped onto my phone quickly and easily and has stayed in place. It has been well machined – all of the holes to allow access to buttons and ports and for the camera and speakers to work properly are spot on.

The case is also advertised as being non-slip and I can back this up too – my phone has yet to escape my grasp since I started using it, whereas I was always dropping it before. It looks good and is nice and tactile too, so that’s all the boxes ticked. I’m very happy with it.

The Snugg Samsung Galaxy S3 case is available for £9.99 and there are plenty of options available for most popular smartphone models.

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