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A tractor made of construction toy pieces

Both Dylan and Xander have embraced their creative sides a lot more of late and really enjoy making things. Dylan does so in order to enjoy the end result, whereas Xander seems to take more joy in building things so that he can knock them over afterwards. Each to their own. But they clearly both enjoy the construction side of it all so, when I was offered a Bizzy Bitz set for them to try, it would have been cruel to say no.

For those who’ve not heard of it – and I have to admit that I hadn’t – Bizzy Bitz is a range of construction toys based on a ball and socket system. Children can use the pieces to assemble anything from two-dimensional, mosaic-like pictures to three-dimensional structures, making it a completely open-ended toy that allows them to be creative. Indeed, the box had little in the way of instructions inside, which I applaud as it encourages kids to do their own thing rather than copy a set of guidelines. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it either as a result, so they can just get on and enjoy using it.

A pattern made of construction toy pieces

It’s all very good for dexterity too – due to the way that the parts which can be connected to others are aligned, the pieces sometimes need to be rotated in order to fit. According to the press release, it’s good for mathematics skills too and I can see why – if only there were more things of its ilk around when I was little – I may not have been forced to resit my GCSE! Another benefit we’ve discovered is that it’s useful for teaching Xander colours. He seemed confused by them for a little while – thinking everything was ‘purple’ – but asking him to pick out certain pieces by referring to their colour has certainly contributed to him getting them right most of the time too.

A person made of construction toy pieces

The key thing, of course, is what the boys think of it and I’m pleased to report that they both love it. Dylan in particular, but it has to be pointed out that Xander is a year under the recommended age, so I think it’s something he’ll enjoy more and more as his attention span increases! In case all the positives I’ve highlighted in this review haven’t given the game away, I’ve really enjoyed playing with it too and am really pleased that the boys are gaining something from using it. I’m very happy to recommend it for anyone on the lookout for an educational toy for children aged three and up.

Bizzy Bitz sets are available from £4.80. The 110-piece My First Bizzy Bitz set we were sent costs £13.99.


  1. Rachel Fogel

    Hi Tom

    Thanks for your postivie feedback for the Bizzy Bitz. I’m delighted that you all enjoyed it and hope that with time you will become totally addicted!

    I would like to ask your opinion about the expandable straw parts (Flexees), which are still in their trial stage. I am aware that they are fairly disposable, although they are definitely a product enhancer. Would you say that the benefits of the Flexees outweigh their drawback, or should we rather drop them until we can come up with something better (probably more expensive too!).

    Kind regards


    1. Post

      No problem Rachel! I think they’re a useful addition to the set and enable more creativity. They were the bits that my older son played with most at first, so I think this shows that they’re worth keeping in! The ones in our set are still in good condition, but I see your point about them being fairly disposable. I don’t know if it’s possible for them to be slightly more robust? Hope this helps!

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