Money-saving tips with Beko

A Beko washing machine.

As I’m in between jobs at the moment, we’re all about saving money. So when the friendly folk at Beko got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in writing a post about money- and time-saving household tips, I felt well qualified to say yes. In exchange, they gave me one of their 9kg washing machines to review and keep. Very generous! Anyway, on with the tips and interspersed pictures of the machine…

Bundle it!

Okay, strictly speaking, this isn’t really a household tip but it’s saved us money so I’m including it. We recently moved our internet, phone and television to one provider. We were paying too much for ours and are now saving well over £20 a month. Admittedly, we could save even more by getting rid of the sports channels, but I’d never do that! I would miss watching my team dash my hopes of glory every season.

Close up of large washing machine drum with washing in it.
And speaking of bundles, you can get loads of up to 9kg in the large drum

Order groceries online

This is probably preaching to the converted but, in case not, it’s well worth considering. As well as removing the stress of running the gauntlet of people who are armed with trollies and no sense of direction, ordering your shopping online is a great time and money saver.

It removes the temptation of buying random things because you’re hungry and they’re right in front of you. It also helps you stick to a weekly budget. In addition, you can buy a delivery pass to save money on deliveries and choose times that are most convenient for you. Plus, if you’re the sort who drives – I’m not – it’ll save you a fair bit in petrol too.

Experiment in the kitchen

Not like that. Tsk. No, experimenting with different ingredients in home-cooked meals can make savings. For example, we often replace beef mince in lasagne and spaghetti bolognese with turkey mince. It’s much cheaper and better for you. Plus you won’t notice the difference in taste if you have a nice sauce. Speaking of which, making your own instead of buying them literally saves a packet!

Close up of a washing machine being switched on.
And on the subject of experimenting, there are several cycles to choose from, making it easier to save time and money

Switch off

Even when appliances are on standby, they’re still stealthily using electricity so we always switch them off if they’re not needed. The only things that are always on, in fact, are the fridge/freezer and Sky box.

Similarly, we always unplug phone and tablet chargers when they’re not in use. I looked this up online to see how much we save on this basis and the general consensus on the sites I visited seemed to be around £40 a year, which is well worth having!

Use energy efficient appliances

As well as being kinder to the environment, appliances that have been designed to use less energy can save you money. Just plucking an example out of thin air here, the Beko washing machine is a great example. It can do loads of up to 9kg, is quiet – so you could use its time delay function to put it on at night to save even more money and not worry about it disturbing people – and has an EcoSmart rating of A++. Apparently, it could save you £84 – or 119 washes – in a year.

The interactive LCD display is clear and easy to follow too. You could almost say it’s child’s play, but given Xander’s past indiscretions with washing machines, we’re limiting his part in the chores to unloading it when it’s done. I suppose that’s another way of saving time at least as well – as long as the clean clothes end up in the basket rather than on the floor…

A toddler trying to hide in a washing machine.
What a helpful boy!

We’re very impressed with it and are confident that it will save plenty of money through the year. I’m therefore very happy to recommend it. Beko 9kg washing machines are available from various retailers from £299 – money that I imagine would be made back in associated savings very quickly. It’s well worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a new machine.

Disclosure: I received a Beko washing machine to review and keep.


  1. Siobhan @ Everyone Else is Normal

    Great tips, thanks for the one re turkey mince instead of beef. We turn our rechargers off at the wall but don’t unplug them. Do you have to unplug them to make a difference? I write a monthly Things I Discovered post which isn’t focused on budgeting but you might like it – fab finds for kids and parents that you can Eat, Read, Play, Visit and usually something i’ve discovered about myself too. This month’s is thin on the ground as i’ve been totally run off my feet but pop over and have a look when you have a mo. And I can’t believe you got a free washing machine….! Wow.

    1. Post

      Thanks Siobhan! I don’t know if you have to unplug them, but we do as we tend to charge them on multi-plug adapters which need to stay on for other appliances. Either way, I guess it can’t hurt to unplug them! Your post sounds very useful – heading right over! 🙂

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    1. Post
    1. Post

      Thank you! Most of the credit has to go to my wife who comes up with the money-saving ideas – I just wrote down what she does! 🙂

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