I’ve joined The Great British Budget


We could all do with saving a bit of money and, with the most depressing month of the year now firmly behind us, now is a good time to look at what we can do to tighten the proverbial purse strings. I’ve been invited by the friendly folk at yourwealth.co.uk to join the panel on The Great British Budget so, during February, I’ll be taking part in a money-saving challenge. This will be especially testing for me as, unless I get a new job in time, I’ll only have three weeks’ pay to budget with. Wahey! A very good time for me to take part, methinks!

As part of the challenge, I’ve been encouraged to set a target to work towards. My goal is to have some money left over at the end of the month to put towards an overnight family trip to a well-known theme park for Xander’s birthday in March. We normally manage to save a little each month and are really rather boring with our expenditure – although we could do with being a lot more so as far as splashing the cash on wine is concerned – so I’m hoping that we’ll still manage to put some money aside.

The Great British Budget campaign is open to anyone to join in and people are actively encouraged to give it a go. And why not eh? Apparently, two thirds of people in the UK don’t budget and, if you consider that 18% of us are said to be feeling the strain of household debt, it’s difficult to come up with an argument against knuckling down and keeping control of your finances.

We’ve always been ultra-dull and kept a spreadsheet of our monthly bills to keep an eye on things, but another option is Your Wealth’s Money Hub app. There’s a free version as well as a premium one – which lets you securely pull in live expenditure data from your bank account. I’ve used the free one and can vouch for how simple but helpful it is. It allows you to plot your finances, set goals and keep track of them. It’s very nifty and a lot less faff than flicking between online bank statements and Excel.

It doesn’t cost anything to join the campaign, but could ultimately save you money, so I reckon it’s well worth a go. Why not give it a crack yourself?

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