Review: Treat Republic Christmas gifts

Image of a personalised cheese board

If you’re anything like me, the week or so in the approach to Christmas – yes, I’m allowing myself to use that word now – are a time for shredded nerves. While I am, of course, looking forward to spending time with my loved ones, I always fret about getting the right gifts for people.

It’s nice, therefore, that PR emails with gift ideas regularly find their way into my inbox at this time of year. Blogging is a very useful hobby at times!

I’ve worked with the friendly folk at Treat Republic on here a few times in the past so can vouch for the quality goods they have. They also deliver quickly, so when they dropped me a line to see if I’d like to review something from their extensive Christmas range, it was a no-brainer. They have plenty of Christmas gifts to choose from, so I ended up with some great ideas for other people too. Result!

This year, we’re all descending on my parents for the big day. My sister and her family are coming too so we’ve divided up food-buying responsibilities. Among other things, we’re getting the cheese – and we all eat loads of the stuff – so this board was a clear winner.

It’s made of bamboo which is a sustainable material, so it gets two big green thumbs up for starters. Inside, there’s a drawer with handy utensils for the important business that is stuffing your face with cheese. The stainless steel blades in question are knives for Stilton, Cheddar and hard cheese. There’s a cheese fork too.

Close-up image of an engraved cheese board
Say ‘cheese’, Mum and Dad!

What’s more, the board can be personalised. You can have up to three characters for the initials in the crest and 20 for the text on the utensil drawer. So it could be given to one person or a couple – if you use an ampersand as the middle character like I did. I thought it would make a nice ‘house’ gift for my parents, so had their names and initials added.

In case you’re wondering, ‘Lol’ in the first picture is short for Lawrence rather than ‘laugh out loud’ or whatever it was that our half-wit Prime Minister thought it meant. It still confuses a lot of people and has been doing so since the early days of dial-up connections.

Anyway, it’s a gift that I’m confident they’ll like so that’s one item off the list. The Importance of Age cheese board retails at £47.99. There are plenty of ideas for all budgets, so I recommend visiting the Treat Republic site if, like me, you’re running out of time and in need of inspiration!

Disclosure: I received this cheese board to review and keep.

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