Review: Cardooo cards

Image of two greetings cards

Here’s a new take on the traditional greeting card. These are interactive! On first glance, these offerings from Cardooo may look like the standard ones that come through your letterbox to mark a special occasion, but there’s loads more to them.

They include fold-out activities – including colouring, puzzles and stories – to keep little ones entertained. As soon as they got in touch to ask if I’d like to review a couple of their cards, I knew they’d be a hit with Dylan and Xander.

Dylan loves things like this and always chooses activity magazines when he completes a line on his reward chart. Xander, meanwhile, has become rather fond of decorating things with crayons. The only problem was keeping the cards from them for long enough to have a look for myself!

The first one is a birthday card for a three-year-old. Kids seem to love pirates just as much as they love stickers and this has both of those things. This made it an instant hit with Dylan. The other activities include colouring in, a maze and a drawing exercise. Plenty of treasures to keep young children occupied and both boys loved it!

Image of two little boys colouring in cards.

The second is a Christmas one which is a cross between a story and activities. It builds up to a large, fold-out page that, once children have solved earlier puzzles, can add the relevant stickers to.

The puzzles include working out which toys the children in the story have asked Santa for and finding the relevant stickers to add to the pictures that shows the bearded one’s journey around the world. So it’s educational as well as entertaining and that can’t be bad.

Just in case this hasn’t come across, I think these cards are a great idea. The Christmas ones would make nice little gifts for kids who are off on long journeys to stay with relatives over the festive period. They retail at £3.50 each.

Disclosure: I received these Cardoo cards to review and keep.

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