Looking back, thinking forward

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Well, that’s another year just about over and done with. As always with 365-day bundles commonly identified by four-digit numbers there have been plenty of highs and lows, so there’s much to mull over.

The tricky bit is doing so without sounding like one of those round robin letters you sometimes get from people you don’t know all that well. You know the sort; they either show off about the number of holidays they’ve had or damn their children with faint praise – best get on with it then…

Many of the highs were down to Dylan and Xander reaching various exciting stages. Xander started the year by nailing walking and has added the basics of talking to that since. We now have two toddlers who answer us back and give us attitude, so they’re normal and that’s good.

Dylan has settled nicely at pre school and looks forward to every session and, as I know he won’t thank me for putting this on the internet in years to come, has finally accepted that using the toilet is infinitely more enjoyable than shitting yourself. Sarcasm aside, we’re really proud of both of them. They’re lovely lads who make us laugh every day and that can’t be bad.

Personal highs include being best man at my best friend’s wedding, winning the inaugural Rubik’s Cuber in Training challenge and getting an awesome 12-month contract job for an amazing charity that really does change the lives of people in developing countries for the better. I’ve worked with some great people and enjoyed every minute of it.

Sadly, that particular highlight leads to one of the lowlights. I recently found out that, as I’ve pretty much completed what I was brought in to do, I won’t be needed after my contract expires in February.

I was hoping that there would be an option of another year, but unfortunately, there isn’t. I’ll find something else, but I’m gutted I’ll be saying goodbye to people who I’ve grown fond of and work that I’ve felt is helping make a difference to people. Such is life.

Back on to something a bit more positive – and as prospective employers may be reading this – Diary of the Dad has had a pretty good year. It somehow managed to sneak into Cision’s top ten dad blogs. An achievement I remain proud of given the esteemed company it was named alongside.

I also finally moved it to this self-hosted WordPress presence and am relieved to report that our relationship has survived the ‘it’s complicated’ stage. It looks a lot better than the one on Blogger did and, even though I still sometimes want to throw my laptop out the window when it needs yet another update, I’m glad I made the move.

Looking ahead to 2014, there’s much that I’m eagerly anticipating. Dylan starting school, Xander finally learning to sleep through the night and our first family trip abroad for my parents’ ruby wedding anniversary celebration are all up there.

There’s also plenty in store for Diary of the Dad so, erm, watch this space and that.

Happy new year!


  1. The Fool

    Sorry to hear about the job, my impression from your tweets over the year is that you really enjoy it so always hard to walk away from that. Hope you find something else quickly.
    Although I think the other category may be more appropriate 😉

    1. Post

      Thanks Ben. Yes, I’ve loved it so it will be sad saying goodbye. Not sure the other category would look too good on my CV to be honest – let the friendly rivalry for the funniest blogger title commence! 😉

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