Rubik’s Cuber in Training: challenge one

A completed Rubik's Cube.

I always wanted a Rubik’s Cube as a child, but never got one – heartbreaking story, I know. So when the people behind the iconic puzzle emailed to see if I’d like one, I was delighted.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so there’s a ‘price’ to pay – albeit a fun one. I’m taking part in the Cuber in Training programme, which will require me to take on three challenges.

The first is to learn how to solve the cube in just 20 minutes. One day in, I’m still woefully inept and, despite having a technique guide and ample YouTube videos at my disposal, I have yet to achieve the first part of the solution.

I think I should have booked a few days off work for this. Oh well, I don’t care about the strange looks I get while trying to do it on the train.

Tomorrow is my birthday; will I be opening presents and scoffing cake? Well, of course, I will, but it’ll be punctuated by sessions on the cube. Oh yes!

If I manage to complete the popular puzzle in any amount of time I’ll be happy, but that’s just part one of three.

I’ll be writing another post about the second challenge next week – for which, I’m told, I’ll need to include hilarious pictures. Oh dear. I’m a little bit scared!

Anyway, back to training for me. Wish me luck…

Disclosure: I received a Rubik’s Cube to use and keep as part of this challenge.


  1. Jonathan

    I don’t think that I had a rubik’s cube growing up either but do remember playing with one when I was at a friend’s house. I don’t think that I complete it. I think I might wait until our son is able to give it a go before I next try.

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  2. sarah

    you would find a common ground with my OH. he taught himself how to solve it quicky..

    oh the things men do eh? 😉

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