Rubik’s Cuber in Training – challenge two

Sequence showing the completion of a Rubik's Cube

I’m now into day six of the Rubik’s Cuber in Training programme and have some rather smug news to impart. I’ve completed the first challenge in 11 minutes. Hooray! Nine minutes under the target time that I was convinced I would never do.

I’m not quite sure how I managed to achieve it. I guess it must have suddenly just clicked. Having a guide to some of the key moves has definitely been useful though. I got so engrossed in trying to complete it, in fact, that I left Friday’s episode of The Walking Dead on pause for an hour while attempting it. A big deal as I don’t usually let anything get in the way of zombies!

My second challenge is to again complete the cube in 20 minutes, albeit under distraction. In a way, I think I’ve already done this. At home, Dylan asks to play with it every two minutes. During lunch breaks at work, meanwhile, colleagues ask what I’m doing. But these are not distraction enough. Oh no. I had to perform another task while solving the cube.

I had a go while recording the Love All Dads Podcast the other night. And cracked it in about 35 minutes while discussing various parenting issues – but that’s not really much different to solving it in under normal conditions and I think the point is for me to look silly. I could also argue that the fact I’m growing a ‘mo’ for Movember counts as doing something silly at the same time but, again, there isn’t much of a multitasking effort involved in that.

So here’s the daftest thing I could think of doing while attempting to solve the cube. I say daft, but it actually resulted in a small area of carpet being cleaned. Ignoring the fact that I may have aggravated an old football injury and failed to do the cube in 20 minutes, I somehow managed not to wake Dylan and Xander with the noise of the vacuum cleaner and my swearing, so I’ll take that. Bring on the third challenge!

An idiot trying to multitask
At least I made myself useful…

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