Rubik’s Cuber in Training: challenge three

A Rubik's Cube and a phone's stopwatch app showing the time 00:03:53:93

I’ve reached the end of my Rubik’s Cuber in Training programme. Despite coming close to throwing it out of the window several times, I’ve become quite attached to this colourful piece of plastic.

I’ve practised anywhere and everywhere I can. During family mealtimes, while allegedly watching TV, during lunch breaks at work and on the train to and from it. I’ve surprised myself by not only solving it at all, but also by the speed that I’ve picked up in a relatively small amount of time.

Being provided with a guide and a Skype call with former world record holder, Daniel Sheppard has definitely helped with that side of things!

It’s inspired some interesting conversations too. It’s amazing how a shared sense of nostalgia can dissolve social boundaries that have become the norm. Particularly on the train where nobody normally dares make eye contact.

I had a nice chat with a Hungarian lady the other morning who was pleased to see that the iconic toy – which is originally from her country – was making a comeback. I also found myself talking to Daniel about the merits of using household products to ease movement.

Bad idea, by the way. Get some proper stuff if you’re wondering. I don’t know what it’s called, but if the marketing people haven’t named it ‘Cube Lube’, they’re missing a trick. I digress…

The third and final Rubik’s Cuber in Training challenge was to solve the cube as quickly as possible. And not only that but in competition with the other bloggers involved in the programme. And, of course, to capture it on video to prove we weren’t telling porkies.

After several attempts, the battery in my phone dying during a particularly good run and plenty of wine to keep me in a zen-like state, I managed a time that I was pleased with. Indeed, I hadn’t come anywhere near said time before. I’ve totally spoilt it with the picture above, but here’s the proof that I’m required to share.

So that’s that. It’s been a fun challenge to take part in, so big thanks to the organisers for inviting me to join in. I now have to hand the cube over to Dylan. He has been patiently waiting for me to let him have a go. I will also prepare to weep when he beats my time.

Disclosure: I received a Rubik’s Cube to use and keep for the Rubik’s Cuber in Training challenge.


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      Thank you! I think I’m at an advantage as they’ve given me a guide and a chat with a pro. Still very pleasing when I complete it though! ๐Ÿ™‚

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