Review: Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map

Zoinks! They’ve turned into puppets!

Dylan has reached the point where he will remain on the sofa watching a film after he’s pleaded with us to put it on so it’s fair to say we’re getting a little bit tired of some of the existing kid-friendly DVDs in our collection. With expert timing, I was offered this new Scooby-Doo title to review. Thank you, kind PR person; you saved us from another repeat of a once-favourite family classic!

As you can see from the cover image, Scooby and the gang have been reinvented as puppets. This may upset a lot of the purists out there, but I think it worked and it also opens up the characters to a new audience of younger children.

The other things you would expect from an adventure including this lot are there – the classic lines, Scooby snacks and cartoon-style pratfalls are all there in abundance. One omission is Fred and Daphne going to “look” upstairs while the others are knee deep in mild peril, but that’s undoubtedly a good thing! Another good thing is the absence of Scrappy-Doo. Wise move!

The premise is also what you’d expect – motivated by food, Shaggy and Scooby order a pizza uncovering a treasure map in the process and a chaotic comic caper ensues involving a manic parrot and a pirate called Gnarlybeard – which I think is an awesome name, by the way. The adventure is about 45 minutes long, which I’d say is spot on for my two little film critics.

Real audience reaction!

Remember how adverts for films used to include ‘real’ audience reactions? Yes, they probably just found the most excitable people possible, filled them with coffee and sat them in the front row, but I liked them anyway. Well I’m bringing them back – here’s Dylan happily watching the film. You can tell he enjoyed it!

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