Review: Happy Hopperz

A blue bouncy toy cow. Just because.
The boys find this very a-MOO-sing. Sorry…

What’s blue, looks like a cow and bounces all over the place? What? You mean the picture gave it away? Damn. I need to get better at this game. Anyway, this popular new addition to our front room and beyond came thanks to the lovely people at The Handpicked Collection who wondered if Dylan and Xander would be interested in having one of their toys to review. I’ll admit that I chose this one from the fine selection they offered because I secretly wanted to have a go on it too but they love it.

The Happy Hopperz bouncing cow toy retails at £25.95 and can be used both indoors and out. It comes with a pump and is easy to inflate and deflate, so it can be taken away if your little ones can’t bear to be without it. As I’ve done with other toy reviews, I let Xander have first go to see whether it was breakable as rendering playthings useless is one of the things he does best.

It stood up to the test. In fact, it even took my weight, although I wouldn’t recommend that adults use it as I was probably pushing my luck. It was fun though! Dylan is usually reluctant to try new things, but he gave it a go too and I have some very blurry photos of him almost going into orbit on it.

When the boys decide to play on it – which is usually at least twice a day – our front room is transformed into a mini rodeo, complete with excited shrieking and the repetition of the word ‘bounce!’ from Xander. So there you go, it can also increase the vocabulary of an 18-month-old child! In fact, it can improve their mood too. He went to bed last night full of cold and miserable and woke up sniffly too – this gloom was immediately lifted after a quick bounce, and here’s proof!

A cute kid on a bouncy blue cow toy.
Xander on his mood-boosting bouncy cow. Now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d use…

So we’re all happy with this toy – in fact you could say that the boys are hopping mad for it… I’ll get my coat. The Handpicked collection has loads of other great gift ideas for all ages, so it’s well worth a visit with THAT gift-buying season just around the corner.

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