Three not out

A candle in the shape of the number three.

Somehow or other, I’ve been writing this dad blog for three years. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was writing this post about my new life as Tom the dad/a zombie – or ‘Tombie’ maybe?

But it was on this date in 2010 that I nervously tapped out my first post as a dad blogger and released it to the world.

You know how it’s possible to set off on the wrong foot? Well, Diary of the Dad did so on the wrong hand. I wrote it with my left as Dylan was asleep on me. I couldn’t reach the laptop with my right, you see. Now there’s a ‘cool story bro!’ moment if ever I wrote one…

It was never meant to be Diary of the Dad either. I’m still gutted that someone else had already taken ‘Dawn of the Dad’ so I had to make do with using it as the title of a solitary post and instead opting for the name you see in the banner above.

In case you’re wondering, it’s a homage to another George A Romero film featuring flesh-devouring fiends. Sadly, nobody apart from me seems to remember it. Ah well.

If you exclude following the misfortunes of Spurs since I was nine years old, this is the longest commitment I’ve ever shown to any kind of hobby. This is amazing as I’m notorious for starting new things and never finishing them.

I have a guitar, several video games, an even greater number of books and the start of a zombie film script that are testament to that.

Yep, somehow I’ve changed my mind every time I’ve vowed to never write a post again.

And I’m glad I haven’t given up. I’ve made great friends, got jobs doing digital stuff and had all kinds of brilliant opportunities since starting this blog.

When I wrote a similar post to this last year, I think I announced that I had big plans for Diary of the Dad.

I still haven’t got round to making these grand ideas a reality, but maybe I will by September 2014. We’ll see!

Anyway, that’s long enough for a self-indulgent post. Thanks for reading Diary of the Dad. Mwah!


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      Thanks Tim. “Our book”, I think you mean though – I seem to recall you doing rather a lot of work on it too!

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