Review: Hape Rainbow Xylophone and Little Drummer

A toy xylophone made by Hape.

Disclosure: I received these items to review and keep.

Like most children of a certain age bracket, Dylan and Xander love making lots of noise. Kate and I both have a soft spot for traditional-style wooden toys so when Marbel Toys got in touch to see if we’d be interested in reviewing a couple of instruments by Hape it was, erm… music to our ears. Sorry.

They sent us the Rainbow Xylophone and Little Drummer. With our two melody-loving monkeys about, our front room has resembled a scene from ZingZilla Island ever since.

Both instruments are colourful, tactile and produce a great sound. The wood they’re made with is FSC approved, so the environmental credentials are good too.

I always like to make sure things that I review are thoroughly put through their paces so I handed them over to our resident session musicians. Xander had first dibs to ensure that they were tested to destruction.

Well, not to destruction at all, in fact. Both are still in their original state, despite Xander doing a convincing impression of Dave Grohl in that Queens of the Stone Age video on the drum and standing on both it and the xylophone. Very Impressive.

Dylan adopts a much less brutal approach so, with the instruments tested for durability by his little brother, it was down to him to play us some tunes.

He was soon plinking away on the xylophone Patrick Moore stylee and playing some cool beats on the drum. Xander then joined in and they had a proper little jam session together. Lovely!

It’s great to see them ignoring the telly in favour of something that will probably do them a lot more good. I can see how appealing they are to the boys as I keep playing with them too.

I haven’t quite mastered my favourite Maximo Park songs on the xylophone yet, but I’m getting there.

The xylophone retails at around £12.99, while the drum can be found for around £12.51.

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