Review: Cadbury Crunchums

A pack of Cadbury Crunchums.

Dylan is starting pre school next week. Insert your favourite cliche about the jet-heeled nature of time here. In preparation for the scary event that is unleashing him on his new, unsuspecting victims, we had a visit from two of the Key Workers who he will soon be spending half his week with.

Worried that he was going to say or do something embarrassing, I offered him an incentive; if he was good he would get a treat afterwards. Yep, we’re all about the bribery in our house. That and threats relating to the telly.

Happily, he charmed his way through the visit. He only blotted his copy book in a minor fashion when he asked whether there was a present in it for him – to be fair, I’d told him they would be giving him a book bag – and by telling a little white one concerning the gender of his little brother.

He didn’t repeat any questionable words, divulge any personal facts or let rip, so he upheld his side of the bargain. I had to be true to my word and, fortunately, I’d received a couple of bags of new Cadbury Crunchums for review.

Kate and I had woolfed down the first on the day they arrived. Well, we had to make sure that we thought the boys would like them – very nice they were too. In case you can’t tell from my wonderful well-lit, composed and sharply-focused photo, they’re cereal tubes that have been, and I quote, ‘tumbled’ in chocolate. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that the combination would work, but it most definitely did – very moreish!

Dylan and Xander loved them too and the evidence was all over their faces soon afterwards. I think Dylan felt suitably rewarded, as did I for sharing ‘my’ chocolate. The good feeling created by this act of generosity wasn’t reward enough though. So I treated myself to the rest of the bag. Nom!

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