Review: Berocca energy kit

Three packs of Berocca and a fold-up cup.

I’ve got one of those ‘kind of a big deal’ moments coming up at the weekend. My best friend, Rob, is getting married and has, for better or worse, asked me to be his best man.

Of course, as he’s such a good mate and because I knew he and his wife-to-be, Helen, would end up getting married when I first saw them together – and yes, I’m smug about that. I’ve been quietly composing a speech in my head for quite a while. For about five years, in fact.

The preparation bit of the speech is almost at a level I’m happy with. Delivering it is another matter entirely. I’m going to need my A game and, with Xander still immune to sleep, I’m always dopey at best. Something had to be done and, with incredible timing, the good people at Berocca got in touch to ask if I’d like to give their energy kit a whirl. Hell to the yizzle!

Two glasses of Berocca energy drinks.
Mixed berries and orange flavours.

They sent me three different flavours of the vitamin-packed, effervescent tablets to sample. Namely orange, mixed berries and tropical. I also received a fold-up cup, which has blown my mind a little.

To be honest, my only previous knowledge of this product was from an advert in which two lumberjacks dance around on a floating log playing a strange, playground-style game in which they clap each others’ hands.

I had no idea what Berocca actually does but, having been ‘on it’ for a few days, feel much more sprightly and maybe inclined to boogie on an unstable surface in such a fashion.

The reason I said yes to this review was because the PR email made me laugh. It insinuated that Berocca could boost my energy as I was sleep deprived. Yes, I may be a little odd in finding that funny, but I thought it was shrewd targeting and I do need all the help I can get.

And you know what? It seems to be doing the trick. I’ve felt more awake and useful at work, sharper at five-a-side and have fought off a cold faster than normal too. It’s not all in my mind either. I’m very cynical about this kind of thing, so think the vitamins have definitely played a part.

The drinks that are created by dropping the tablets in water. They all taste good and are a nice pre-cup-of-tea start to the day. They don’t contain caffeine, sugar or artificial stimulants. This is good as I get at least two out of those three in large quantities at work. The vitamins work naturally with your body to increase your energy levels so it’s all good.

I’m definitely sticking these on the shopping list once the generous load that I was sent have run out. A tube of 15 tablets is available for around £6.50. A small price to pay for getting a little more energy and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying coffee at the station every morning.

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