Review: Walkers Mighty Lights

Walkers Mightly Lights

It’s almost time for school children up and down the land to skip merrily or trudge wearily back to the classroom. So it’s the season for shiny new pencil cases, holiday tale one upmanship and, of course, new snacks to keep young minds going until the important businesses of jumpers for goalposts at lunchtime.

Walkers sent me three multipacks of their new Mighty Lights to try. As Dylan and Xander aren’t in full-time education yet, I’ve taken it upon myself to recreate my secondary school years. I’ve done this, of course, to establish an as-authentic-as-possible environment to put them to the test in. Selfless, I know.

I’ve achieved this by rebelliously wearing trainers instead of smart shoes to work. Similarly, I’ve refused to tuck in my shirt and am sporting the same hairstyle – or complete lack thereof – from 20 odd years ago. Yep, I haven’t had to change a thing.

I’ve also started to pretend to be Gary Lineker – a happy coincidence that he’s a Walkers man – by goal hanging at five-a-side as I once did in the playground, referring to anything uncool as ‘Sad’ and acting like I hate girls even though I secretly think they’re alright.

I’ve even taken to listening to music and playing computer games from that era when I get half a chance. As well as looking for shell suits, Global Hypercolour T-shirts and cans of Lynx Oriental on eBay.

I like to think that, had there been another series featuring the inimitable Gene Hunt, I could be the other main protagonist. Such is the realistic nature of the early 1990s ‘world’ I have thrown myself into with great gusto. All this for a review. If that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.

But enough of this daft whimsy; I have homework to do here. Mighty Lights, as their name suggests, are big in flavour and lower in fat. There’s 30% less, in fact – which can’t be bad.

They come in the three flavours you see here: lightly salted, cheese & onion and roast chicken. They’re all tasty and it’s good to know that they’re better for me. Especially as I work in the charity sector which, with an endless supply of cakes and biscuits thanks to gregarious colleagues, is the most calorific one of them all.

They’re also suitable for vegetarians and don’t contain artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. So they should provide an all-round healthy option for those who lovingly pack the lunchboxes of their offspring each morning.

Coming back out of my cosy, pre-responsibility 1990s world and also in the spirit of fairness, I’ve let Dylan and Xander try all the flavours too. They loved them. So much so, that Xander has added the word ‘crisps’ to his burgeoning vocabulary.

Who’d have thought that lunchtime snacks could be so educational, eh? But given the whole back-to-school theme of these new crisps and that of this here review, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

We all recommend them. You should be able to find Walkers Mighty Lights at your local supermarket.


  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    The 1990s, those were the days… Sighs wistfully. We loved the crisps too and you win the prize for most entertaining review. From me at least. I’m in no position to comment on THE PRIZE 😉

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