Review: Asda Butcher’s Selection BBQ range

A barbecue full of food. Nom.

If there’s one kind of PR request that I’m likely to say a big fat yes please to, it’s one that involves free food. So when Asda got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in sampling a large chunk of their new Butcher’s Selection BBQ range I, erm, said a big fat yes please.

Pulled pork

My sister and her family were down for the weekend so we all descended on my parents’ house with its bigger garden, bigger barbecue – most hobbits would pour scorn on ours as they towered above it – and the guarantee that there wouldn’t be any cases of food poisoning as, if I’m honest, I was helping my Dad rather than doing all the hard work myself. This is a good thing – if I’d been in charge, I would have either undercooked the meat or incinerated it.

Rack of ribs

Apparently, Asda had the only British team at the World BBQ Championships in Memphis this year and asked us to try a veritable feast, so they seem to be taking promoting this range seriously! We tried the following:

  • Bourbon beef brisket
  • Pulled pork shoulder
  • Rack of ribs
  • Extra Special maple & bacon sausages
  • Chinese chicken thighs
  • Buffalo chicken wings
  • Extra Special vintage cheddar burgers

Very nice they all were too. My favourite was the beef brisket, but the pulled pork comes a close second. The chicken thighs and wings were great too, but quite spicy. I recommend eating these with a nice, cool beer nearby. Any excuse eh?

Chicken wings

The kids made short work of the burgers and sausages, devouring them mercilessly. My brother-in-law, Sam, once described me as “… not a man but a remorseless eating machine”. That was before we all had children. I think that mantle has now been passed down to the next generation if our family barbecue was anything to go by!

So if you’re planning a late-summer barbecue while the decent weather is still here, I can recommend the Asda Butcher’s Selection BBQ range. There are some other things in it that I’ll be buying to try out. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for continued sunshine!

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