Review: Boon bath toys

Frog Pod by Boon

Now that Xander is slightly less of a nightmare at bathtime, we’ve decided that it’s time to save time, water and tears – mine, not the boys’ – by putting him in with Dylan. Herein lay the problem; being territorial with everything – toys, the sofa, the naughty corner; you name it – Dylan was, let’s say, reluctant to share. We needed something to distract both boys so, when Boon got in touch to ask we’d like to review their new range of bath toys, we were more than happy to accept. The toys soon arrived and bathtime has been so much easier ever since; both boys are happier and, as a result, so are we. Great news! So what are the new things that have ended the woe? Let’s go through them in turn…

Scrubble bath toys by Boon


These squid-shaped offerings with interchangeable, textured heads have been designed to encourage scrubbing and have proved a great way of conning Dylan and Xander into cleaning themselves. As you can squirt water out of them too, I find them a useful ally when the boys splash me – if they get my clothes wet, I will be avenged!

Dive bath toys by Boon


These appliques are great! Once they’re wet, they can be stuck to the side of the bath or the tiles above to form an underwater scene. Dylan absolutely loves them and now needs persuading to get out the bath rather than stay in it a little longer. Unlike certain other bath toys of this kind, these ones are not absorbent so there’s no need to worry about mould. Result!

Water Bugs bath toys by Boon

Water Bugs

These are definitely Xander’s favourites, which is great as catching the over-sized pond skaters in the net is good for hand-eye coordination. We’re trying to teach him to feed himself at the moment, so as long as he doesn’t try to eat them, playing with these in the bath should benefit him at dinner time too.

Frog Pod by Boon

Frog Pod
And finally, my favourite. This massive frog sticks to tiles and has a detachable scoop with holes in for drainage. When bathtime is over, you can simply gather the other toys in one fell swoop, slot it back into the main body of the frog and leave them to drip dry into the bath. The even better news is that it enables me to position them out of Xander’s reach too, which is great as everything he can lay his hands on gets thrown in the bath.

So everybody’s happy; I’m delighted I was given these in exchange for a review. Thank you, Boon, for restoring peace at bathtime!


  1. Brinabird and Son

    A friend of mine found the frog in a second hand shop and I must agree it works a treat. I have always thought of getting one but never got around to it! These toys look pretty cool too.

    1. Post

      Yes, it’s great and so much better than having a box of wet bath toys on the shelf. I recommend all of these and am not just saying this as I was given them for free – they’ve made bath time bearable!

  2. Mark

    They look great. After the boys have had their bath it resembles a bring-and-buy stall … after everyone has brought but not sold. It’s how I imagine the bins behind the CBeebies Magazine HQ must look.

    1. Post

      Ha! Thanks, Mark. Do you reckon that’s where the presenters go when they’re not on for a couple of weeks? Maybe they’re sent on a tip run?! Haven’t seen Andy on there for a week or two…

  3. Mummy Glitzer

    I was just saying to the husband today that Harry needs some new bath toys. He currently favours filling up a jug and emptying it out, usually onto the floor!

    1. Post

      Little monkey! We get that too and the bath often ends up the driest thing in the room! New toys are definitely a good distraction though. 🙂

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