Review: Mia Tui Ascot Brown bag

Mia Tui Ascot Brown bag
My new favourite bag. Fact

If there’s one thing that points to the fact that you’re a parent of young children – other than the fact that they’re likely to be in tow, of course; they’re something of a giveaway when they’re with me, I find – it’s the presence of a certain denomination of bag from a certain High Street shop’s parenting club, slung over their shoulder. I always sport mine with pride like a strange badge of honour, but it’s nice to stand out from the crowd now and then so I was quick to say yes please when Mia Tui got in touch to ask if I’d like to review their Ascot Brown bag.

Kids seem to require a lot of stuff when you dare to venture out of the house with them – nappies, bottles, dummies, spare clothes and, for the hopelessly optimistic at this time of year, sun cream – you name it. And while there seems to be a finite amount of toddler paraphernalia that you can shoehorn into our old bag – so to speak – the Mia Tui one is much more capacious.

To give it a good test, I took it on a family trip to the zoo and, despite packing it with all kinds of things we didn’t really need, there was still room for the inevitable gift shop fodder on the way home. It being British summertime, of course, it ripped down when we stopped for lunch but this provided another test for the bag, which it passed with ease. Yes, I can testify that it is most definitely waterproof too.

Interior of Mia Tui Ascot bag
Capacious and packed with pockets; the inside of the bag

Inside are more pockets than you’ll find in the average snooker club as well as bottle, phone and pen holders and an elasticated key holder. There’s also a transparent, removable bag you can keep all the important little things in. Basically, it’s nigh on impossible to lose anything in this bag and you’d be pushed not to be organised with it.

If I’m honest, I’m kind of looking forward to when the boys aren’t in nappies anymore so I can use the bag for my own stuff; surely testament to its versatility. I, for one, am impressed.


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