Last-minute Father’s Day gift guide

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If there is one time of the year for dad bloggers, this may well be it. With Father’s Day imminent and people dashing around wondering what to get for their dads, our blogs are peppered with hits from Google search results and our email inboxes bombarded by PR people with a vast array of suggestions of things we may want to share with our readers.

This year has been no exception. As the internet gives us the opportunity to leave it late and still get away with it, here is my pick of last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas. You should still be able to get hold of them ahead of Sunday. I’ve gone for items that should suit different budgets; hope you like them!

Getting personal

Personalised gifts always go down well with everyone I know, so these offerings from should put a smile on your old man’s face. I was asked to select something from the personalised range. I thought that Dylan and Xander would have chosen this silver plated business card holder for me. Well, Dylan knows the name of this blog, so it’s just about conceivable that he’d suggest it. It’ll come in useful at BritMums Live next week – if I remember to order the cards to go in it, of course…

Action stations

If your dad – or partner, if you’re buying on behalf of your kids, of course – likes a challenge, has plenty to choose from. Despite the fact I’m permanently tired, I really like the look of several of the Adventure Experiences they have on offer. I don’t know whether that’s because I’ve been organising a stag do of late, but there a few things I’d be delighted to try. I’m mildly obsessed with zombies, so this one stands out for me. I’m hoping to live out my Dawn of the Dead fantasies for a review later in the year. Watch this space!

Clothes maketh the man

Another gift that, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with is a nice shirt. Joules has a great range of them at the moment. They asked me to choose one that I thought my Dad may like and I’ve gone for this slim-fit checked shirt. I can see my old man rocking this one while making sure everyone’s glasses are topped up. I wouldn’t mind owning it myself either, if I’m honest. Suit you, sir!

And for the expectant dad…

I know I only reviewed this title by fellow dad blogger, Dean Beaumont, a few days ago, but I’ve added it here as I’m sure there are a few dads to be among my readers who would still welcome a gift! I would describe The Expectant Dad’s Handbook as a must if you’ve got a little one on the way. There’s plenty of handy advice delivered in a friendly way by an expert in his field.

So there you go – there are my suggestions. Happy last-minute Father’s Day shopping!


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      Ha! Yes, maybe beyond some dads’ expectations (mine included) but, hey, if our kids want to dig deep then I won’t argue!

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