Month: June 2013

Toddler’s question time

A toddler thinking what to ask next. It's question time!

René Descartes, The Riddler and Jeremy Paxman. To this list of prolific inquisitors must be added the name of my older son. Yes, Dylan seems to have reached a question-asking stage. Not the question-asking stage in which the word ‘why?’ gets bandied about willy-nilly, you understand. No, it’s definitely a question-asking stage. Because there is a difference! …

Lemming at ’em!


Do you remember a computer game called Lemmings? It was a simple point and click affair, but was highly addictive. It was one of the first games I played and I remember it fondly. The object was to stop a bunch of green-haired, purple-robed rodents from letting their natural desire to perambulate from left to …