Word up, Xander!

A football hitting the back of an unguarded net.

Last week, I wrote about how Xander was using his first words book, among other things, as a weapon. Things have changed a little since then, however. It seems our insistence that it has another use is starting to pay off. While he still hits me with it, he now has a good few words in his vocabulary.

He has mastered both ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ while Dylan will have to make do with being called ‘Dyda’ for the time being but he seems happy enough with that. All that is great, of course, and warmly welcomed. There’s another name that he says with affection though. ‘Peppa’.

It was one of Dylan’s first words too, unfortunately. I hate that pig. On a related note, he can often be found grabbing the remote control and saying ‘telly’ – minus the l sound in the middle – I always put on CBeebies, of course. Unless it ‘accidentally’ ends up on Sky Sports News…

His most-used phrase at the moment, though, is ‘get down’. I don’t think he’s referring to an urge to dance, so he seems to be using it in the right context.

Every meal time without fail – after scoffing all of his food and eyeing up mine, naturally – he’ll shout it repeatedly until he’s released from the confines of his high chair.

Admittedly, he uses it meaning “Pick me up, you great lummox, my teeth are hurting” as well, but he seems to have the right kind of idea.

There is one word that I’m particularly chuffed with. I try so hard not to impose my choice of football club on the boys as I want them to make their own choices on such matters, but I suppose that they will inevitably copy things I say when I’m watching a game.

Tottenham’s win against Sunderland on Sunday may well have been in vain with Newcastle not getting anything against Arsenal. That said, I still celebrated with a rather loud and prolonged “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!” when Gareth Bale’s late effort from distance fizzed into the net.

Did Xander react to this sudden outburst of noise from his father with tears? Oh no. “GOAL, GOAL, GOAL!” he shouted.

Dylan then started a chorus of “BALE! BALE!” Despite Spurs not getting Champions League football again, it was a proud moment.

To go full circle, the other word he has nailed is ‘book’. It’s great that he’s showing an interest in reading – or, at least, being read to – and he seems to take great delight in the pages being turned. Plus, he can now tell me the weapon of choice he’s about to whack me with…

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