Review: Personalised Gifts Boutique print

Personalised dinosaur print by Personalised Gift Boutique

Dylan is very much into dinosaurs at the moment. He absolutely loves them. What’s more, he can pronounce all of their names perfectly. This is impressive as I struggle with some!

If he asks for a drink, it always has to be in the cup with a stegosaurus on it. Every trip to the library yields at least three new books about them.

And whenever he draws anything, it’s inevitably a kronosaurus, oviraptor or pteranodon. Apparently, poor old tyrannosaurus rex has had his day.

He quite likes Kasabian’s most recent album, Velociraptor! too. I digress.

So, anyway, when the friendly folk at Personalised Gifts Boutique got in touch to see if I’d be interested in reviewing a personalised print and that there was one with a dinosaur on it, the decision was an easy one.

A few days later, the print arrived safe and sound in a cardboard tube. It was well packed, with the poster rolled carefully into a large piece of tissue paper.

The print quality is excellent and the paper is also of a high quality. The pixelated bits on the bottom of the picture here are my Photoshop handiwork. I wanted to give Dylan a little bit of privacy.

It’s lovely to have something bespoke for his room. It’s also nice to have something which commemorates the important details of when our little monster arrived in the world.

I’ve always liked design that makes a feature of words. Speaking of which, another of Dylan’s fixations at present is reading out letters. So this poster is very well received and will be proudly displayed in his room. And Dylan’s verdict? “I love it. Roar!” You can’t argue with that.

Of course, there are plenty more personalised gifts to choose from. So if you’re looking for a bespoke gift for someone special, there are plenty of great ideas.

Personalised Gifts Boutique is well worth a look.

Disclosure: I received a Personalised Gifts Boutique poster to review and keep.

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